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Applying for Police Jobs and Careers in Law Enforcement

Applying for a career in law enforcement means much more than filling out an application! While many municipalities require information about your education, employment experience and other personal information, a police job application is really a personal history and statement of your intentions. Applications are also used for what is called "pre-screening." If you don't meet the basic requirements for a job as a police officer, you most likely will not be contacted to take the exam or invited to another police job interview. Keep in mind when calling for information about the police exam announcement or application, you may already be in the process of screening; so be brief in your request and the information you provide about your police job aspirations so you won't be blacklisted when it comes time to select eligible police job applicants.

Here are some additional police job application tips:

Follow directions and make sure that your application is neatly presented. This is a good guide for the person hiring or the actual police department to see how well you follow directions so make it count! Also, remember to mail it to the proper location. Applications will typically tell you where to mail the information.

The Written Exam for Police Job - Law enforcement Applicants

Applicants that do not pass the written exam, do not become police officers. Since the written exam score figures heavily into the applicants future eligibility rank this is a crucial part of your police job application process. Even though written scores are typically combined with physical ability scores and oral interview scores it is important to do well on this exam since the competition for police jobs is very competitive. The best tip you will receive about the police exam is to practice with practice exams provided the police department or personnel department of your local municipality or by the myriad of resources available on the Internet. While many police job written exams focus on basic skills and aptitude, these police job test also gauge your ability to follow directions, your ability to properly assess, judge and reason, and will often test your memory and your aptitude for mathematics. In the initial testing, you will not be asked about police procedures or any information about police work. The test is designed to eliminate those that do not meet the most basic requirements to become a police officer.

Here is what the review board will typically look for when hiring for police jobs:

Professional and ethical standards

Sensitive to the needs and feelings of others without compromising authority

Approachable and supportive to colleagues and others

Maintains impartiality and fairness regardless of race or gender in accordance with equal opportunity policies

Invest time to consult with others

Takes part in discussions

Keeps temper under control, calm and confident under stress

Looks at the situation from the other's point of view

Develops and maintains good local knowledge

Maintains high standard of physical fitness


Speaks clearly and concisely

Highly articulate, able to influence, persuasive speaker and presenter

Changes communication style to suit needs of audience

Asks probing questions and clarifies them to ensure full understanding

Writes clearly, concisely and with a logical structure

Written report summarize salient points

Uses correct grammar and spelling

Self motivation

Interested in their work

Accepts unpleasant tasks without complaining

Perseveres when faced with setbacks

Keeps professional knowledge up-to-date

Volunteers for work

Generates part of their own workload

Requests work which extends their experience and offers new challengers

Seeks to achieve the goals and targets set for them, makes progress in doing so

Plans and organizes their workload

Strives to meet deadlines


Gathers all necessary relevant information

Checks accuracy and validity of information were necessary

Quickly and accurately assimilates information and personal experience

Applies knowledge and experience astutely

Seeks advice from others when appropriate

Decisions are devoid of personal bias in terms of race or gender

Decisions remain rational and impartial under pressure

Comes to decisions within time constraints

Takes full responsibility for decisions

Explains, defends decisions in the light of subsequent information

Thinks through the consequences of their actions

Anticipates and avoids problems through timely interventions

Creativity and innovation

Provides innovative and workable solutions to problems

Generates new ideas, systems and procedures

Sees new ways of doing things with improvements in mind

Readily reviews methods of working

Query existing procedures were appropriate and considers alternative

Appraises new ideas fairly

Produces practical plans for innovative ideas to change

Supports implementation of new working practices

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