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What you should know about the Police Job/Law enforcement WRITTEN TEST:

Police Jobs and Law enforcement written test are designed to test for knowledge, skills and/or abilities in areas that will be beneficial to you as a police officer and further along in your career in law enforcement, such as as: 

  1. Police exams test how you apply written information like police rules, regulations and law enforcement policies, procedures, directives, etc.) in police situations. These questions on the police exam test how well you can apply written information in the form of law enforcement rules to given situations similar to those typically experienced by police officers.

  2. Police exams also test memory for facts and information. The questions on the police exam test how well you can remember facts and information presented in written form after you have been given a period to read and study the information.

  3. Police test also gauge your ability to read, understand, and interpret written information. The questions on the police exam test for the ability to read, understand, and interpret the kinds of written information that police officers are required to read during their formal training period and on the job.

  4. Finally, police exams test your ability to prepare written material in a police setting. The questions on the police exam test for the ability to prepare types of reports that police officers write. You will be presented with a page of law enforcement related notes followed by several questions. Each question will consist of four restatements of the information given in the notes. From each set of four, you must choose the version that presents the information most clearly and accurately.


The four elements measured in the qualifying physical fitness test are muscular endurance, flexibility, absolute strength and cardiovascular capacity. The following is a brief description of the physical fitness test for many police departments and law enforcement organizations:

  • Muscular Endurance The requirement is for a number of bent-leg sit-ups to be performed in one minute.

  • Push Up This test measures muscular endurance of the upper body (anterior deltoid, pectorals major and triceps). The requirement is for a number of full body repetitions that a candidate must complete without breaks.

  • Cardiovascular Activity 1.5 mile run; the requirement is for the attainment of a score calculated in minutes and seconds.

Start your Police Fitness training today!

Unless you are already involved in a regular fitness training, you are likely to fail the police fitness test. Start your preparation as soon as possible! Go to your gym or sports center and ask them to help you with a police training program.

Always start off gently and build up slowly. If you have any medical conditions, haven't exercised for a while, are over 40, have been ill or have any joint problems you should always contact your physician before starting any physical fitness program.

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