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Law Enforcement Employment and the Police Officer Exam

Fulfilling careers such as Law Enforcement Employment are what we all look for in life. But sometimes the path to get there is not always clear. Fortunate for us the path to becoming a police officer is more straight forward. To start a law enforcement career there are a few tests that will need to be taken and passed. The following law enforcement entrance exam or "police exams" are what are most commonly found through out the Untied States. Next to each section we will offer you tips on becoming a police officer:

Police Officer Oral Boards Exam - Police Oral Interview Tips

Passing the police exams is not easy and one of the most difficult aspects of the police exam is the Oral Boards exam. The best tip we can give you is to be punctual, neat, and project confidence in what you say. A big part of being a police officer and passing the police officer oral exam is to speak and carry yourself with authority. Stand tall and if you stutter or begin to "feel out of place" remember that your place is there, as a police officer. You want the oral board to feel your confidence and to believe that you can tackle the sometimes very dangerous situations that a police officer job entails. So in summary, to pass the Police Officer Oral Board Exam simply stand tall, speak with confidence, be punctual, neat and most importantly make the board believe in your abilities to be a figure of authority.

Police Officer Proficiency Exam - Police Officer Written Exam

The Police Officer Proficiency Exam is really a general term for the written exam. It is testing your basic intelligence and ability to think problems through to completion. Police Officer Written Exam can be passed easily with preparation. As mentioned previously on this web site, the best resource for tips to pass the police officer exam and begin your Law enforcement employment is:


Police Fitness Test - Police Physical Tips 

Many people want to know how to pass police physical test. The answer is really very simple, exercise everyday. Keep in shape and the police physical fitness exam will be easy. Make sure you mix in aerobic exercise and not just weight training. Try to build up your endurance so that you do not tire too quickly.

We hope this information has been helpful. If you cannot find what you are looking for here please check our resource directory and forums for additional information and tips.

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