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Law enforcement careers are a satisfying way to spend your professional life. While police jobs are fulfilling, careers in law enforcement can be difficult to attain if you don't have the important information necessary to pass your police practice exam and your actual police test. The process of becoming a police officer can take several months upwards to a year. The reason it often takes so long is because police work is difficult, so the police selection process is equally challenging. The varied skills and positive character traits you must have to become a police officer are essential not only in passing your police job exams but also to ensure that you have a safe and fulfilling career in law enforcement. When civilians apply for police jobs, they are met with an extensive selection process which includes written exams, physical ability tests, background investigations, oral interview boards and medical and psychological exams. It is important to know what to expect when you are applying for law enforcement school or just trying to pass your police entrance exam.

What is the primary responsibility of Police Officers?

The primary responsibility of police officers is the investigation, apprehension, or detention of persons suspected or convicted of offenses against all applicable criminal laws of the United States and/or local or state municipalities. The police officer prepares testimony for presentation of misdemeanor cases in court and follows through as necessary until final disposition. Provides assistance to individuals in emergency situations. Performs traffic patrol and emergency response duties such as enforcing speed limits; assisting at accident scenes; directing traffic and controlling the movement of vehicles and pedestrians; issuing citations for speed and parking violations. The incumbent will be required to carry a weapon as part of their duty uniform.

More about Law enforcement careers

Police officers are required to be available, ready, willing, and able to report for duty under all circumstances, e.g., inclement weather, government closings and holidays, lapse in appropriation, non-emergency and emergency situations for operation 24 hours a day and 365 days per year coverage. Police careers include evening and weekend work schedules as well as rotating shifts.

Things to know before you proceed

Unless waived due to previous certified training, the selected applicant typically must successfully complete several weeks of basic police training at a local Law Enforcement Training Academy to be considered for the law enforcement position. Selected applicants must successfully qualify with a police service weapon and maintain proficiency to qualify semi-annually with service firearms to remain in the law enforcement position.

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